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A fully upgraded Station Wagon.

The Station Wagon is the player's vehicle that carries the party from Washington, D.C. to Safe Haven. Like the party members, it has its own health bar, reflecting the wear and tear experienced during travel. The player can repair the car using scrap, or at a car garage for money. It is also the first car the player will unlock if the player has the Complete Edition Expansion pack, with no bonuses and is the most balanced car in the game as it has equal stats in speed, durability, and reliability.

Car SuppliesEdit

It also has three types of supplies of its own: Tires, Mufflers, and Batteries. Each of these supplies are necessary for the normal function of the station wagon. They can break down, get lost or stolen in random events along the journey. Running out of any of these supplies is gravely unfortunate, as the Station Wagon is left stranded in the road until new parts can be acquired through trade.


The Station Wagon can also support up to five upgrades at one time which enhance the car's performance in various ways. Here is a list of all station wagon upgrade:


 Picture  Name Description
Nev-R-Break Battery Batteries never need replacing.
V6 Engine Travel faster at the expense of the car.
Cowcatcher No slow down from rubble.


Picture Name Description
GPS Never lose the road.
Radio Chance to heal party members.
Sno-Cone Machine Dont consume food while looking for traders or repairing.
Yard Sale Sign Higher chance merchants will come to trade.
Air Freshener Party Members in front take 1 less damage.


Picture Name Description
Armored Windows Less likely to get bit by zombies.

Solar Panels

Move slowly while out of fuel.
Carrier Never lose a gas can.
Chainsaw Windows Always succeed at fighting through the horde
Tinted Windows No damage taken by party from heat waves


Picture Name Description
EZ Grow Garden Generates 1 oz of food an hour.
Ninja Muffler Automatically succeed sneaking through hordes.
Sup-R-Muffler Mufflers will break less often.
Nev-R-Break Muffler Muffler never needs replacing.
Toolchest Scrap repairs the car more efficiently.


Picture Name Description
Rain Tires No slowdown during rainstorms
Snow Tires Makes it possible to traverse blizzards without slowing down
Offroad Tires No slowdown during sand storms.
Sup-R-Last Tires

Less likely for tires to break.

Nev-R-Break Tires Tires will never need replacing.