For every hour on the road in Organ Trail there is a chance for a Random Event to occur. The benefits of the events vary. They include:


  • Roadside Events - These sometimes put the player in a “choose your own adventure” style situation or moral dilemma.
  • Zombies - Either a scenario where the group has to pass through a large horde of zombies or one wherein the player has to protect the car from an attack.
  • Bandits - Either a motorcycle gang will pursue the party or a party member may be held hostage.
  • Tombstones - May result in either an attack by a single zombie which must be killed with a headshot or a chance to find additional supplies.
  • Finding/Losing Supplies - Sometimes the player or their group will misplace or lose supplies or car parts. Other times you or your group will find supplies or car parts. Its all a matter of luck.
  • Fog or Low Visibility - Results in the station wagon traveling slower.
  • Health Issues - (e.g., Injuries, disease, recovery, zombie bites.)
  • Car Issues - If a player doesn't have fuel or a certain part, the car will be stuck until the player can trade for the needed item(s).
  • Trivial/Humorous - Moments that don’t affect the player, but are added for the sake of parody. (e.g., “Check engine light is on;” “Someone farted.”)

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